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The Ghosts of Socialism

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The Ghosts of Socialism
Donald Trump changed my life and made me realize that there is an insidious element of Socialism simmering in the background of the American landscape today April 10, 2020
We should not be surprised that the global element of suppression and tyranny “Socialism” has finally and successfully permeated our American democracy so much so we are now poisoning each other with disease or social “plague” or simply eradicating each other wholesale via opiod, alcohol, paranoia or firearm.
Prior to Donald Trump’s election I was at a crossroads in life and in despair wondering why life was so difficult, tense, defensive and angry. I was a business owner, a father, a friend, a mate, and an American. But there was something very wrong going on behind my back. I was being sabotaged and slandered I was being shunted and suppressed and not realizing this was happening by a group of disgruntled employees, members of past recovery groups, and past girlfriends with good and bad endings. I realized I was being punished, slandered or hated by each and every acquaintance, employee and short or long lived relationship I was ever involved in within the last 15 years.
Thanks to social media and it’s self governing justice policies and it’s plethora of “friends” opportunities mob behavior is very prevalent…I would be an ideal target for abuse and it would only be a matter of time before every person I fired, corrected, offended or hired was now my enemy in masse with people whom were strangers to each other until they found common unity in unified hatred against a man whom had once employed them or the man whom had once professed his affections to someone long ago.
Things just weren’t adding up and I was confused as to how and why the world could change so quickly and was assuming I must somehow be at error. I was familiar with self analysis, I had managed to recover from a very difficult addiction to alcohol through a popular world wide recovery program we all know very well.
I was 18 years free of alcohol and it’s devastation, I remember laying awake and trying to figure it all out, I couldn’t find an answer but I refused to blame myself until I was certain I was in error, I have always wanted to be the best person I can be. My life had improved incredibly following my recovery from alcoholism and I was progressing exponentially and enjoying my life profusely.
But slowly a bad economy and few missteps and set backs and things began changing, never to be the same. As Donald Trump announced his presidency I witnessed an incredibly obvious visceral almost spasmodic reaction to President Trump as potential President of the United States of America.
I have followed Donald Trump since the 80’s and he was magic in the business world, Donald Trump was gold in the celebrity world and smooth and successful in the world of beautiful women as well. Donald Trump truly had it all, I admired and sincerely desired to be a man of similar stature like Trump one day.
Then suddenly I began to see and hear bad, terrible, slanderous things I had never heard before about Donald Trump and I knew that these things were not true by any stretch of the imagination. And as the years went by I realized that I was being punished, manipulated and suppressed by behaviors identically applied to Donald Trump and I was certain this wasn’t just angstful animosity this was directed rage and pure animosity fueled by spiteful envy. I was being treated like a “less” because my detractors assumed I have “more”, nothing could be further from the truth. But animosity and spite have no expiration date, I was being treated like Donald Trump for supporting Donald Trump, It seems our world today has a tax we must pay, possibly a vanity tax ?
or a tax of prestige maybe..? I don’t really know the answer but I do know that Donald Trump is being bullied, suppressed, slandered and diminuated to the point of exasperation because that is the goal of socialism to make you not want to be alive.
I thank God for Donald Trump and the revelations I have been granted to see the dismal horizon of lies, suppression and hatred America has become.

Douglas R Brayton II
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