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Satire Poetry Humor Verse Political satire Debauchery and worse …

An Patriot American Entertainment website for red blooded Americans desiring true Democracy and Freedom of Speech and Expression…

…features currently not available on few if any websites today.


Is the American for America website intent on being the

entertainment industry leader in genesis…

…in a culture of hatred

competition and envy.

A media platform intent on engaging every American in America and abroad for the purpose of entertainment and unity

…not division and angst.


does not aim to be a

“political device”







…sentiments in a paltry attempt at influencing the American cultural landscape for the sake of profits and personal gain and power.

Unlike current media platforms CNN is not a Propaganda device.


Is a propaganda machine built into real American entertainment intent on illuminating the culprits of our modern American Democracy.

The architect’s of Treason have been identified

the mission of

CNN cnn chaosnewsnetwork

eliminate by illumination all and any enemies of the

United States of America and any threat to the administration that supports this American Democracy.

What is

cnn chaosnewsnetwork’s

unique aspect..?

It’s not for

Americans only

It’s for everyone that’s

for America…

We play by the rules of the Constitution

of the United States

of America.

if you don’t like it you have options but it’s Your options …


We don’t follow the flimsy greed driven profit tactics of

“sellout treason brothers”

such as…

“Lark Chuckleberg”

and his brother


these mental media midgets with all the money and influence

…very similar if not identical to a baby with a razor blade.

Help US change that…

Refuse to accept anything


…learn the true opponent of the United States and of Democracy and assist US to quash the…




opposing opportunists


and Stalin’s

…littering America like a rancid bloody gutter behind a slaughter house.

We need to flush this infection from American media and society forever.


Committed to America and American

committed to continual combat of outside interests intent on division of the United States of America.

and the citizens of the United States of America that represent said Democracy.


Recognizes the subtle and overt attemps of

“Separatist Media”

to dismantle Democracy and the maliscious intent to upend our free Democracy and the United States of America.

CNN chaosnewsnetwork

mission statement:

eradicate the manical seperatists pledge of …

“self interests”

“self seeking”

“profit hoarding”


…currently operating media outlets today in our country unchecked with a goal to undermine American freedoms and Democracy all the while reaping American dollars by the billions.

The powerful unfettered globalist corporations that promise to deny Democracy and any and all organizations that espouse

anti-government propaganda

using American audience as the tool in the quest for unbridled power and unlimited resources.

These two corporate giants

reminiscint of fictional characters in a poem I wrote called:

“Lark Fuckleberg”



These are the treasonous bastards that did just what Hitler did…

Control our Media…

…and we all know how that turned out.

Chuckleberg is one moustache away from “Hitleresque”

and the

“rule the world attitude”

of another failed scholar turned circus actor,mime and clown

fits nicely with such a pathetic excuse of a frail diminutive man.

The media networks pandering progressive propaganda need a hot soapy enema followed by a quick trip down the rabbit hole called …

CNN CHAOSNEWSNETWORK Satire Poetry Political satire Humor Sarcasm (much&strong)

AND…You’re invited!

Help US gain a true Patriot following and

“Make America Great Again”

(be patient we’re new-more goods yet to come)

Thank you


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