Debra Messings Message

Dear Debra Messing
I am DRBII of CNN CHAOSNEWSNETWORK for the purpose of this letter I will be representing the entire world
Donald Trump and your Mom.
I love President Trump and the United States of America and am repulsed by your obnoxious drug addled attitude and your incredible ignorance and pathetasism.
The President can say and express what he wants it is America and it’s also Earth Mr Trump has inalienable rights and also human rights that you are obviously trying revoke by altering the opinions of your fans which you consider your trained MINIONS . It’s his emotion(s) to express and it’s his right as an American and a Human and not for a handful poopy pants Democrats pissy pants Liberals or Irritated yeast infected pink pussy hat supporters…it’s just not going to happen.
Miss Dopehead Messy let me inform you:
Freedom of speech and expression is our guarantee of this Democracy in the United States of America . You do not understand a democracy you obviously and selfishly-just want things YOUR way or “the Hollywood way”
Let’s do a quick review of the previous administration:
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton
were in office during the “MORTGAGE CRISIS” that bankrupted almost 10% of our of the entire United States population and the “BANKING SCANDAL” that almost crashed the world economy,much less the damage to the American economy and the morale of the American people.
And while I am in the “zone” let’s not forget the lives lost in the brutal torturous murder of American citizens at the “BENGHAZI EMBASSY MASSACRE”
a massacre that could have been prevented if Mrs Hillary Clinton had any decency those American citizens would not have been needlessly butchered
and let’s not forget the highest murder rate in history in Barack Obama’s home turf of Chicago Illinois.
And one final detail Miss Messy , our OPIATE ADDICTION and opiate related DEATHS …also breaking world record’s …so thank you for your opinions but I believe a person’s personal choice to express opinion “at will”
and “speak my mind” these principals are obviously beyond your grasp-but are God given and American Democracy
… guaranteed by our constitution.
And now let’s get to YOU Miss Mess …what weight you assume your voice carries as far as your opinion is concerned-is laughable
Your on the last legs of your semi-successful career of which I hope becomes as dismal as your most recent rant and hopefully the same pathetic end. You’re as idiotic as the people you support and I hope you and your pink pussy platoon and man bun brigade are as successful as Hillary Clinton has been so far…
you deserve it….sincerely DRBII CHAOSNEWSNETWORK and
The World
DRBII 2017©