Olympus Maximus


I see a vision of a man driven to greatness by his self awareness and sense of super human ability and great purpose.
A human being knowing fully well his potential and achieving and becoming champion of a multitude of disciplines.
I see physical and mental dominance to achieve greatness.
And then I see…
Figures , individuals “others” intent on destruction with not nearly the mystic ability of this Olympian
…my guess?
possibly the Judas phenomenon.?
What voice changed this man..?
An iconic human example of great potential.
And I see and hear someone whisper in his ear…
“destroy it all”
And it is destroyed
“Undo everything”
And it is undone
“Erase everything you are”
And so it was… Man to Woman
Silent and Humble to Voluminous and Demanding
Respected and Admired to Villified and Feared.
What is to be adored now ? what is to be conquered.?
I thought we already gave you..? adoration,praise,respect,
stature ,fame,fortune,
Are you really a Champion? an Olympian.?
A Superstar..?
Or are you here to get everything you can get because you want more..?
…going back to the top,to do it again!
History repeats itself
Hot/ Cold ? Good/Bad ? Jekyll/Hyde ?
Bruce/Caitlyn ?
DRB II 2017©

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