Fallable Laughable Fallon falling…


Jimmy Fallon
America’s problem is the millions of “Jimmy Fallons” who “grandstand” with their opinions as though they carry any worth or conviction. The speech by Mr Fallon was another propaganda speech prepared by expert writers like myself,most likely trained military code and cipher personnel. Highly trained experts whom are very saavy to subliminal suggestions like myself and understand the principals of inter-cerebral neuro management (military technology perfected in the 80’s)
Fallon didn’t write any of the speech you heard it wasn’t his unique dialect of speech someone else wrote that speech a very intelligent person wrote that speech,not Jimmy Fallon I can guarantee you that.
It was written by a trained professional who understands the technique of
“subliminal implants” or “mental bores ”
small bits of words and phrases scientifically placed in dialogue to make YOU think a specific way military technology designed during the cold war.
Jimmy Fallon is no better than Lucifer himself,the silver tongue of late night television working his magic with the help of trained madmen providing the pied piper something for his pipe.
The media will continue to villainize Trump with the continuous sophmoric adjectives and the “slumber party” antics in hopes of disuading millions of Trump supporters and attempting to convince millions Trump is somehow inept. Fortunately America isn’t that dumb and the child like antics Fallon displayed are wearing down like ANTIFA and the “Nazi” conspiracies.
The dark state being in its death throes has become blatantly desperate and to make matters worse Hollywood heroin is skyrocketing in price since Trump gained office and pulled the brakes on “candyland pillville”
Doctor’s are leery to even prescibe aspirin and this is because the end of “anything goes” -open borders-
easy breezy drug deals
and “blame the next guy” attitude all dwindling slowly as the “grown ups”
put society back together again courtesy of Donald Trump and Mike Pence and Administration.
The days of “ANYTHING GOES”
are gone simply because America is full to the brim with junkies,Robbers,Bandits and Anti Americans and the reason I know this to be an absolute fact…Donald Trump got elected.
America please bear in mind Jimmy Fallon is an entertainer who is paid to perform-last night performance…not so stellar
but …
How far would you go to keep YOUR job..???


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