The media archetype puppet of populist propaganda the “digital chalkboard” in the toilet stalls of our minds conveniently located near a gutter controlled by Zuckerberg and friends. The vendors of selective hypocrisy meting out “pensorship” (coined as I write:penalty+censorship) “pensorship”
at the request,complaint or protest of the first liberal,snowflake,feminist
semi-extremist aka the “weekenders”. The censorship penalties of FB begin with isolation posting suspensions starting at 24 hrs and increase in severity- buyer beware an FB block is one opinion away -at the whim, inclination or behest of the first alt-leftist mindset that feels victimized.
Irony being “fakewood” aka facebook, ran every ad for all the media outlets with Kathy Griffin and severed head of our POTUS…without hesitation and for profit.
But if your “Joe Citizen” attempts to satire or lampoon a topic or cause beyond “FB standards”even if you pay money…the added caveat feature being-said “post” being permanently removed by the ever present FB censorship committee via “time out” periods imposed exponentially 24 hrs,48hrs,7-days…should the hypersensitivities of the new barbarian,libertarian,timid mouse- be infringed upon in the slightest.
FB a mockery to any actual American freedoms but rather “community standards” of the FB criteria being the peer committee down at FB headquarters that are not trained censors of media content but simply Zuck,Chuck and Buck
…lying in wait to pull the plug.
This elusive non existent metaphor for American Liberty called
“freedom of speech” or “freedom expression” is as dull,malleable and toxic as the lead killing our communities today wether consumed or chambered. And the mighty Fakebook won’t hesitate to let you know that by its interpretation and resulting penalties put upon its detractors.
As facebook enters it tenure in its digital existence of the world social media platform it is obvious that “propaganda” is not an old term borrowed from the past but rather an ominous discovery by someone long ago about something as infectious to a society as the greatest of plauges or pandemic.
It is a sickness of the mind that exits the mouth enters the mind wreaks havoc on everything and few seem immune.
DRB II 2017©

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