CNN BREAKING NEWS Justice Department to investigate CIA operative arrested Olympia Washington A pacific northwest man has been taken into custody as of 0:600 pst. The US Marshall service serving a domestic as well as international warrant on an Olympia resident for crimes of conspiracy,colluding with a foreign national,money laundering and wire fraud. The Marshals service and Washington State highway patrol have also served a Washington state warrant for federal weapons violations on an individual described as “extremely dangerous”. The US postal service inspector general also serving federal mail/wire violations warrants involving prohibited explosives and related electronic devices distributed via US mail. The investigation stems from a money laundering operation investigation in the state of New Jersey in 2011 and several unsolved homocides in Phoenix,Arizona in 2014. The Marshals service released a statement immediately following the arrest of the alleged individual stating- “the FBI and Marshals service have concluded a multi jurisdictional investigation and apprehended an extremely dangerous individual alleged of several crimes both foreign and domestic involving foreign nationals” -end quote CNN will update the story as it develops. DRBII 2017© chaosnewsnetwork©


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